This corner of the internet will be dedicated to following the progress of the McGrath Farm Pilot Project, an archaeological study of the McGrath Farm site located in Concord, MA. The McGrath Farm Pilot Project is being conducted as part of the Concord-Brandeis Cooperative Archaeological Survey Initiative, a joint project between the Town of Concord and Brandeis University. The Survey Initiative’s long-term objective is to document and map subsurface cultural (archaeological) resources throughout the Town of Concord. Concord will be the first field site for Brandeis University’s newly developed Community Archaeology Program and its associated GIS laboratory. The McGrath Farm site will act as a pilot project for the Survey Initiative. Fieldwork will be conducted in conjunction with various Brandeis University courses, including ANTH 60a Archaeological Methods (taught by project co-director Travis Parno) and CHSC 9a Materials and Methods in Archaeological Chemistry (taught by project co-director Andrew Koh).

We will be posting updates written by various members of the project team. Be sure to check back periodically to learn more about what we’ve been up to!


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